"I'm writing to let you know how important and how much Dr. Shawn Centers has helped our family. I was very desperate because my son had frequent seizures and very little mobility.
I'm very thankful and have noticed a big change in Erick. His problems include slow learning and psychomotor problems. Also his sight was damaged. In addition to osteopathic treatments Erick was referred to a sensory motor specialist and to a developmental optometrist all who are available with Dr. Centers. After the osteopathic treatments started, we realized that Erick could follow objects or lights moving slowly in front of him. Before, he did not respond to sound nor could he track or pay attention to objects.I thank God and all the people that are helping us. Erick's seizures are almost gone. Without the care Erick is receiving I think it would be very hard for him to succeed."

San Diego


"We brought our son with a brain injury to Dr. Centers. We saw much improvement. Our son was also having seizure, which became much less and now have gone away. We have followed Dr. Centers recommendations carefully (including changing his diet and special exercises). We notice improvement every day. We tried treatment at the Osteopathic Center in our own country but it was not effective. The work done by Dr. Centers is truly extraordinary. It is a gift to the world. We are so thankful for Dr. Centers."

- Germany


"Osteopathic medicine as it is practiced at the Children’s HOPE Center in conjunction with diet guidelines and exercise has been the most effective treatment we have encountered because it treats the person and the person heals. We had tried many, many different treatments before finding the Center and none compared or showed the results we have experienced with osteopathy."

- San Diego


"We are most thankful for the treatment our son received at the Osteopathic Center for Children by Dr. Centers. The doctors diagnosed our son at 2 years old with Autism.  They told us that he was severe and that there was little hope for recovery. We spoke with one medical doctor in Tokyo who was a specialist for this condition. He told us to go and see Dr. Centers in San Diego. We arranged our trip with great effort.  After three weeks of treatment our son started to say words (in Japanese) He had never spoken before. He has continued to improve. We are very thankful for the care we received at the HOPE Center and the improvements that we have seen. We are already planning our next trip."

- Tokyo


"Finding Dr. Shawn Centers was one of the biggest blessings our family has ever received. Our family struggled with a child, age 6, that never slept through the night, had difficulty listening, and behaviors that could have been categorized as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In addition, medical testing showed seizure activity. A family friend recommended that we seek help at the The Children’s HOPE Center. The staff was amazing and understanding of the sensitive nature of our visit. Our child slept peacefully through the night after Dr. Center's first treatment. It was a miracle. In addition to his treatment, he suspected food allergies as cause for behavior issues. The results of a urine test proved his thoughts accurate. We were grateful there were no needles involved in the testing. We changed our child's diet immediately and stopped consuming soy, dairy, sugar, and gluten. The calmness that grew in our child was incredible. Dr. Centers gave us an understanding of our child in such a way that replaced our frustrations with compassion. He has incredible knowledge of the human mind, body, and spirit. Thank you Dr. Centers."

-A Family Blessing



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