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Founded to help children reach the optimum of their potential, The Children’s HOPE Center is a world-renowned leader in treating children. Don't just take it from us. Read what our patients have to say about us.

The Children’s HOPE Center at The Osteopathic Center San Diego is an internationally known Center whose mission is to help every reach the optimum of their potential.


The Children’s HOPE Center helps children from all over the world.  Some families come for the well baby or well child care and the unique holistic, integrative, and Osteopathic care provided to all  children at the Center. Other families seek care because their children are experiencing specific problems such as a health challenge. Birth trauma, feeding difficulty, seizures, autism, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, genetic disorders, medical conditions (such as asthma, chronic ear infections, or allergies) or complex or chronic medical conditions and many other health challenges are  all conditions that have been successfully addressed by the Holistic, Osteopathic, Pediatric, Essential care (HOPE) approach developed at The Children’s HOPE Center.


Dr. Centers is a specialist in treating “hard to treat cases” and combines his skills as a certified pediatrician, herbalist, integrative medicine specialist, and mind body expert to find health for patients. He will also see adults in special cases especially of parent of patients he treats.

  • HOPE is what is given to patients and families but it is also an acronym for
    • HOLISTIC: The whole person treatment offered to each patient.
    • OSTEOPATHIC: The emphasis on Mind, Body, & Structure
    • PEDIATRIC: The emphasis on nurturing the growth of the individual from birth to adulthood.
    • ESSENTIAL CARE: Essential care meaning to focus on the root cause or  the essence of problems preventing the child or person from reaching the optimum of their potential.


Osteopathic medicine is a 100-year-old branch of mainstream medicine that originated the concept of whole-person medicine and integrative care. Osteopathic Medical Doctors are trained to view the patient in the context of the whole person or whole child, rather than seeing the child as a collection of unrelated complaints. By combining the best in Western medical training with holistic philosophy advocated by osteopathic medicine, physicians at The Children’s HIOE Center are experts healing using diet, nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic and Herbal medicines, and Osteopathic Craniosacral and Spinal manipulation.


Osteopathic manipulation is a series of gentle techniques in which the physicians use their hands to restore proper functioning to the body. The methods developed at The Children’s HOPE Centers are gentle, but at the same time very powerful and extremely potent in causing deep changes within the body (especially the fluids around the brain and spinal cord). These changes point the body in the direction of health, thereby allowing the body to heal itself.


Although renowned for its work with children who have complex medical conditions, osteopathic medicine as practiced at The Children’s HOPE Center is beneficial to all children. In fact, the cornerstone of osteopathic medicine is prevention. Many children (some studies suggest up to 80% of all live births) sustain injury from the birth process. This could range from the imperceptible subtle injury, which can only be detected by trained skillful hands, to the more severe, which are immediately obvious to the naked eye. Injury or trauma at birth may provide the first cause of dysfunction, which can result in colic, excessive spiting up, ear infections, and many other problems.

Numerous less well-defined complaints such as nervousness, fatigue, insomnia, indigestion, pain, headache, and more may have persisted so long that they have been taken for granted. But when the structural disturbances produced by that original injury are corrected, the patient or parent is surprised to find that those persistent, habitual complaints have gone. By using osteopathic techniques, many common illnesses such as ear infections, colic, poor growth, and many other conditions can be prevented before they start. For those children with more severe symptoms such as autism, cerebral palsy, and chronic and genetic disorders, osteopathic treatment can be life-changing. Many parents report remarkable improvement for their children with special needs, which is a particular focus of the work of The Children’s HOPE Center.


Although all osteopathic physicians attend medical school, learn surgery, and can prescribe medicines, the work of the Children’s HOPE Center focuses on the unique aspects of osteopathic care as they apply to children. Each of us wants to make sure families have options for their child's healthcare. The Children’s HOPE Center conducts ongoing research to further refine and develop the unique approach of osteopathic medicine developed at the center in treating children. The center’s mission is to elucidate and develop those techniques that will most effectively help all children reach their maximum potential. osteopathic medicine.

The Children’s HOPE Center serves as an educational center to educate physicians, medical students, and the general public on the life-changing benefits of osteopathic medicine. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Centers has dozens of physicians from across the world. The Children’s HOPE Center is a world leader in osteopathic medicine and continues to develop holistic, innovative, and cutting-edge treatment approaches to address the needs of all children. We often present programs across the US and the world. If you are a physician or medical student seeking a rotation or further training please. Contact us at admin@thechildrenshopecenter.com.

Healing Starts Here....

We're here to provide HOPE for complex or chronic medical conditions and many other health challenges.

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