1. PCI test kit





  1. Enhansa





  1. Why 68 lbs = 30kg



After 2 weeks

Ibuprofen 100mg/5 ml


6ml by mouth every other day



23. Epsom Salt Cream.

Epsom salts help with detoxification, increase magnesium in the body, aids in relieving constipation and brings about calmness and relaxation in children.



39. Terrawave Wand


Cleansing Foot pads

63. JustThrive Spore Probiotic

Spore-based probiotics or SBOs ( Soil-based organisms)  are the names given to these tiny organisms found naturally occurring in the soil. These SBOs can survive in harsh conditions and have a natural resistance to stomach acid, making spore-based probiotic a perfect choice when dealing with our digestive tract. Research has also found that these  organisms can actually penetrate the blood brain barrier and enter the central nervous system through the deep lymphatic system.





51 Pendulum Akkermansia for Gut Health | The ONLY Brand with Live Akkermansia Muciniphila



Lack of or low levels of Akkermansia in the gut is associated with a thin mucus layer, i.e., weakened gut barrier function, and has also been associated with obesity,  diabetes, inflammation, and metabolic disorders.

Unfortunately, Akkermansia is not found in food. However, it does feed on fiber. While there are many types of fiber-containing foods, research shows that the ones that best support Akkermansia growth are polyphenol-rich foods and prebiotic fibers.  Research by the NIH reported low levels of Akkermansia were found in the body of children with moderate to severe autism.

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