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Nutrition is the best medicine.

Most medicines were originally herbal or botanical medicines, as they came from plants. For example, Dandelion which helps the liver, or Elderberry which builds a strong immune system were once part of the common diet. Today many of these plain and precious herbs are no longer a part of the common diet. Instead, they have been replaced by devitalized, dead, and often toxic or irritating chemical-based, processed food. By adding these healing plants back into the diet in the form of herbs (botanical, plant-based nutrition, aromatherapy in the form of essential oils, and organic-based, whole food nutrition) we can help the body to heal itself... We've seen amazing responses and successes with this approach, and both you and your child will enjoy learning what plants and good nutrition has to offer you.

The Children’s Hope Center is a healing home for children where they can, for a time retreat from the stress of the everyday world, and receive state of the art Integrative approaches in a child-friendly environment. 

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We're here to provide HOPE for complex or chronic medical conditions and many other health challenges.

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